Sony RX100 VI Review: 10 reasons to UPGRADE

Sony RX100 Mark 6 Review: 10 reasons to UPGRADE

The NEW Sony RX100 VI review is here!

This is the SONY RX100 VI review and I’m giving you 10 reasons to have it in your pocket!
Watch the video below for a short review, because I compare it with the older versions, the Mark IV and Mark V, I talk about the pros and cons of the newest model and offer my conclusions.

Number 1

I talk about the viewfinder. Good news compared to the previous versions and a good option if you still want to preserve some battery.

Number 2

The LCD screen is far better now than on the Mark IV and V where you had a articulating limitation at 45 degrees. This bad boy, the Mark VI can handle a 90 degrees angle now. Awesome!

Number 3

The autofocus is improved with a newer system called Phase Detection auto focus. Mark VI only needs 0.03 seconds to focus on your subject. Woohoo, that is fast!

Number 4

You have 8 seconds for slow motion clips in 250 fps, 500 fps and 1000fps modes. Slow motion capabilities are a must to me. What about you?

Number 5

The continuous shooting mode at high speed is also improved now and I have to say that I’m impressed. The mark VI can shoot 24 photos in a second and the shots are always in focus. As a comparison, mark IV and V were limited to 16 fps, so if you shoot sports or you want to select the best shot while your kid or dog is running around, the mark VI should be the choice.

Sony RX100 Mark 6 Review: 10 reasons to UPGRADE

Number 6

The buffer size is bigger now. First of all you need a fast SD card for this camera to be able to shoot at high frame rates or in 4k. If you own a mark IV you may know that if you shoot continuosly the camera stops after only 48 jpegs and 26 raw files. The mark V was a bit better with a buffer of 150 shots in jpeg and raw. But the mark VI has a bigger buffer now which allows you to shoot 233 frames in both jpeg and raw before it stops to write all the data on the SD card. Big improvement again!

Number 7

Mark VI introduces touch focus which allows you to choose with your finger where do you want to focus on the LCD and it also has the touch shutter function, which allows the user to touch the screen, focus and take the shot immediately after that, automatically. But you can’t navigate through the menu using your fingers. I wanna touch with my fingers, LOL!

Number 8 (getting close to my favorite feature)

The mark VI does not have built-in GPS, but it uses bluetooth to connect with your smartphone, grab the location information and save it in the metadata of your photos. Useful!

Number 9! Sony RX100 Mark VI best feature!

Sony RX100 Mark VI comes with a 24-200mm zoom lens which is absolutely incredible. The photos that I took at different focal leghts are very sharp. However the only downside is that the minimum aperture starts between f2.8 and f4.5 depending on the zoom amount.

Number 10

You can now add shortcuts in the My Menu section. Instead of spending precious time trying to find a cool option and scrolling through the pages, why not making a shortcut for it?

Everything what I wrote here is more elaborated in the video below. And there are a couple of features which I let you discover as well, they’re great! Oh and yeah, still no microphone input, sorry!

I hope you enjoyed my SONY RX100 VI review, feel free to comment on the YouTube video below with your thoughts.