Instagram Bio Tricks for More Followers

Growing on Instagram is the most wanted subject these days on the Internet. In this tutorial I share with you some Instagram bio tricks to make yourself more discoverable in front of other accounts in 2017.

Instagram Bio Line Breaks

You need to have a clean bio on your Instagram. Having line breaks will help a lot, because everything is more easy to read by your audience.

I am using Word Counter to write my bio, because it let’s you create line breaks which are recognized then by Instagram without any issues. I recommend using emojis as well for an increased visual effect.

Instead of using your name as the first line, try to explain what is your account about. This is because when people are searching for a specific subject, your account can easily come up in their search. There are more chances to have your profile more visited by using this Instagram Bio Trick.

In the next lines, mention your name and your location. This way you can be hired by local companies to shoot photos, videos or promote products, travel and so on.

The call to action (CTA)

Having a call to action is so important. But this is useless if you didn’t told them what you do.

So if you have a website or you want to promote a link, it should be related to your first line from the bio. If for example you are doing fashion make-up photography and you sell make-up products on your website you can convert your Instagram visitors into clients for your shop by promoting the link in your Instagram bio.

By writing in the first line for example “Make-up products shop” you give them a reason to click the link. But keep in mind: you have to give them a reason to click that link.

These are my Instagram bio tricks and if you’ll watch the video you’ll find more details there.┬áPlease LIKE the tutorial on YouTube and subscribe for more┬ávideos on my channel.