Auto Tone All Photos In Lightroom

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Auto Tone is one of those buttons that deserves attention in Lightroom. It can help you out by setting automatically a bunch of sliders for you. However, to be able to auto tone all photos at once in Lightroom, you have to do some steps which are covered in the video tutorial.

Everytime I come back from a vacation, the same question comes up from family and friends: “When can we see some photos from your vacation?”
Here are a few steps you can follow to make your life easier.

  • Make sure you select the first photo from your folder or collection.
  • With the first photo highlighted, select all the photos then by pressing CTRL+A or COMMAND+A on a Mac.
  • Press the Auto Sync switch.
  • All the photos should start auto toning¬†so it’s time to turn off the Auto Sync button.
  • Export your files in a folder using a medium resolution of 1920px on the long edge.

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