How to Grow on YouTube: Get More Views and Subscribers

Stop for a second and let me make this clear. To grow on YouTube requires work and patience. There are no shortcuts, no hacks. Let me explain further.

As long as you are not an internet influencer, Justin Bieber, or you just took some footage of a real alien that went viral, you need to put some effort to gain popularity on YouTube.

Here are some things that could help you learn how to grow on YouTube to get more views and subscribers if you are almost unknown until this point.

8 Essential Tips: How to Grow on YouTube

  1. Create enjoyable content. This means you need to take care of the subject and the story of that video. If the story is good, people will watch your video longer. This leads to a higher retention and watch time, which YouTube rewards NOW.
  2. Expensive gear isn’t really a must in the beginning. Use your phone for example and focus on point 1. Then, when you start to grow on YouTube, buy a better microphone maybe. The audio represents 70% of a video. I mean, you can watch a video with bad image quality and good audio, but not vice versa. You don’t want people to leave from your channel because of this reason.
  3. Make a research to see what people are searching for. I use Tube Buddy for this a lot and it’s FREE. You create an account, you install the Chrome Extension and you’re good to go. Of course, for more professional options they have some paid plans, but you can start with the free account. Another great tool is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
  4. Craft a good title, based on words or keyword phrases which are searched by people.
  5. Add relevant tags/keyword phrases to your video. This means SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are using good tags, your videos will rank better on YouTube.
  6. Create appealing thumbnails, do not underestimate them. Ask yourself, what makes you click on a video? A good thumbnail, you are right. The title is the second thing.
  7. Create a simple but clean banner for your channel, letting people understand what your channel is about.
  8. Reply to comments to create a solid community.
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My Conclusion After Reaching 15.000 Subscribers

I think patience is one of the keys, here on YouTube. You just push out videos, at least 3-4 a month, respect all the steps above and wait. One day you’ll wake up in the morning and realize that one of your videos is gaining hundreds, maybe thousands of views per hour. That is when lots of people will subscribe to your channel, because you provide value to THEM.

I wish you good luck. One day you’ll become one of the BEST YouTubers!