Lightroom Color Grading Tutorial: Film Look Explained

lightroom color grading tutorial -

Lightroom color grading

In this Lightroom color grading tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to obtain a cinematic look using Split Tones and Hue sliders.

The definition. Just for the record.

First of all, what is color grading? According to Wikipedia “Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image”. So basically you add complementary colors into the shadows, the midtones and the highlights of your image.

Complementary colors are the KEY

Analyze what’s the predominant color in your image. Then use THIS free tool from Adobe to find the perfect complementary colors for the photo you’re editing. Just create a free account on Adobe and you’re good to go.

Lightroom color grading with Split Toning

In Lightroom you have to choose a color for the shadows and one for the highlights. You can set the saturation for each of these two colors and you can also balance the toning using the slider provided in that panel.

Optional step: The Color Calibration Tab

If you want to go deep, use the Primary Hue sliders to increase saturation for specific colors in the photo. These sliders can add more mood to your image and you should try them out without any fear. Color grading should be a fun thing to do and if you exercise it enough, you’ll be able to create images that will attract hundreds of likes and shares when you post the photo on social media.

There is another color grading tutorial that I made some while ago in Photoshop and you can access it here.