Time Lapse Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

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 In this tutorial you’ll learn two different methods for time lapse video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and also how to export your final sequence.
As I mentioned in the video, you’ll find below a very cool time lapse calculator embedded from the Photopills website.
You can use it to plan your time lapse before going on location.

Method 1 – time lapse video editing

The easiest way is to right click in the project manager, choose Import and browse to the folder where the whole sequence is located. Select the first frame of the time lapse, then tick the Image Sequence box and click OK.

Adobe Premiere will stitch the whole batch of frames together so you can easily drag it on your timeline. If the resolution of the photos are bigger than your sequence resolution, you can right click it and choose Scale to Frame Size.

Method 2 – time lapse video editing

Sometimes using the Method 1 will not bring good results. Premiere will not import all your frames for some reason.

If this happens, right click in the project area, choose Import, select all the frames with CTRL+A, untick the Image Sequence box and then click on Open. Premiere Pro will then import all the frames. Please follow the video to see exactly how I select all the frames, edit their duration and then drag them onto my timeline.

Export the sequence – time lapse video editing

No matter what method you’ve chosen, the export method is the same. Go to File – Export – Media or press CTRL+M to enter the render settings.

You can then select the H.264 codec and the HD 1080p 29,97 fps preset. Make sure you tick the Maximum Render Quality and Use Previews.

Choose a name for your file, untick the Export Audio option and then hit the Export button.

When doing time lapse video editing you should consider post processing each frame in terms of contrast, saturation, exposure before importing them into Adobe Premiere. I made this using Adobe Lightroom. If you want me to make a tutorial on that part, please make sure you give me a thumbs up under the YouTube video and subscribe to my channel.

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  1. Very Good Presentation about Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, I have read Up to Bottom, really clear concept as a shown step by step process including video. Finally, I have learned you sharing tutorial, now I will try at home. Thanks for your good article.

  2. Wow. You make it look really easy. Unfortunately, my Premiere Pro CC 2017 system will not allow me to do this: “Select the first frame of the time lapse, then tick the Image Sequence box and click OK.” It just keeps importing the first frame. Hmmm. I have tried everything to bring up this vaunted “image sequence box” so I can tick the option. Nada. Driving me crazy. Any clues gratefully accepted.

    No. Wait. Hold up. I’ve found it. Inside the ‘Options’ folder. Erg. Why do they hide these things?