How to combine images – Photoshop Tutorial

how to combine images - photoshop manipulation tutorial -

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine images seamlessly. I am using 3 photos to demonstrate this manipulation including 2 tennis balls and a lemon. The idea was to create a concept which combines sport, fruits and vitamins.

The important things if you want to combine images

  1. Shoot from the same perspective

  2. Use a tripod when shooting

  3. Maintain the same zoom for all the shots

  4. Put your lens on manual focus

Combine images by having the final image in your mind

In essence, you’ll have to take care of edges, colors and the blurriness of your objects in the final image.

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When having a single color background, you can easily use the Quick Selection tool to get rid of it and retain only the main object. Just watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is.

To make your editing easier, I like to lower the opacity of objects because this way I can position them exactly where I want or resize and align them perfectly with other objects.

Use layer masks

Instead of selecting portions of your image and delete them, use the power of layer masks to hide those areas with a black brush. You can unhide them later if it’s necessary by using a white brush on the same layer mask.

Use the Select and Mask command to adjust the edges of your selections made with your layer masks. You can soften the edges and expand your selections easily.

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