Black Eyes and Vampire Fangs Photoshop Tutorial

creepy black eyes and vampire fangs photoshop tutorial

In this 2 part Photoshop tutorial I’m showing you how to create some creepy black eyes and vampire fangs.

How to make the creepy black eyes

You want them to look real, this is the main goal. Well, our world is shaped by two main elements: shadows and lights. You’ll have to not only cover the eyes with black paint in Photoshop, but to bring back the original light reflections from the eyes. It sounds complicated, but keep being positive, it’s all explained in the video below.

Patience is king when trying to create something which is close to reality in Photoshop. If you saw the Double Exposure Tutorial, taking each step at a time will lead to a nice final result on a portrait.

With a black brush, take your time and paint over the eyes. Use the preferred flow and hardness for this. You can follow my personal settings from the video.
The margins of the painted areas may be too sharp, so you’ll need to blend these parts better into the original image.

Apply a Levels Adjustment layer, darken the image and then invert the its layer mask with CTRL + I. Paint with white to unveal this effect on the margins of the eyes.

Using the channels toolbar, make a duplicate of the Blue layer and then apply a Levels effect with CTRL+L. Bring the midpoint and hightlights marks to the left side of the histogram until you create enough contrast in the eyeballs. Make a selection of the bright parts in the image by holding down CTRL, then click on the thumbnail of the duplicated Blue channel. You should have a selection now.

Paint in the reflections in the eyes with a white brush. If you’ve gone too far with the painting and covered unwanted parts, simply create a layer mask and hide those areas using a black brush.

How to make the Vampire Fangs

This is more of an exercise. You will clone stamp a lot, you will undo some steps, but you will become better and better at this.

Use the Pen Tool to create the fangs shape. There is a helpful option called Rubber Band, that allows you to see a live preview of the shape you are creating with the Pen. Check the video below to see where to enable it.

After creating the shape and the selection, use the Clone Stamp tool to pull pixels downwards into your selection from the existing tooth. You’ll have to sample multiple times with the ALT key, from different areas.

The final image will look really good if you combine the creepy black eyes with the vampire fangs steps.

Try to make yourself a selfie and keep exercising on that. I’d love to see your results. You can then upload your photo as a comment on my Facebook post: