5 Tips for Photoshop Beginners

5 tips for photoshop beginners - eyestocker.com

In this tutorial I’ll show you 5 tips for Photoshop beginners. However, this tutorial is not limited to a specific target, anyone can learn from it.

Tip No.5: Screen Modes

While you work, you may get distracted from different directions. Use the F keyboard shortcut to cycle through the screen modes. With or without toolbars, you name it. When you need to present something to a client, the Fullscreen Mode is the best in my oppinion. You hate rulers? Not a problem. Just press CTRL+R and they’re gone (find more in the video below).

Tip No.4: The Hand Tool

Time is precious and you need to work efficiently. If you are a Photoshop beginner, you don’t know probably that while pressing the SPACEBAR you enable the hand tool and you can move freely on your image. Just let go of the SPACEBAR and you’re back to the tool you were working with (find more in the video below).

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Tip No.3: The Rubber Band

If you are a Photoshop beginner, you may hate the Pen Tool. But you should love it, because it’s making precise selections. I used this option also on the Double Exposure tutorial and all I can say is that this tool will make your life easy (find more in the video below).

Tip No.2: Highlights and Shadows Clipping

Take care of the contrast and exposure of your photo. Use a Levels Adjustment Layer applied on the image. By pressing ALT you’ll have a better control for the highlights and shadows clipping.

Tip. No.1: Working with Smart Objects

Definitely my favorite one, by converting your image to a smart object you earn time. You can apply almost any filter then, edit it when it’s needed or deactivate it completely. I think it’s better than undo-ing and stepping backwards in Photoshop (find more in the video below).

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