The GoPro is awesome for fun! Go Karting race.

The GoPro cameras have something special. They were built for movie production, adventure, but most importantly for all kinds of sports. The accessories including the mounts for the GoPro are almost infinite. The reason? They want you to use it everywhere. The GoPro is awesome for fun!

A few days ago, I had my first Go-Karting experience, thanks to my friends who had this great idea. I charged up my both GoPro 4 Black batteries, set up my wireless connection, threw the GoPro curved surface adhesive mount in my bag, the chest mount and of course my GoPro Hero 4 Black.

At the race track I set up my GoPro to record at 1080p resolution and 90fps. I was able to slow down the footage by 3 times for some shots in post production, using Adobe Premiere.
I attached the GoPro to my helmet and I was ready to go.

I wanted to have enough footage because the GoPro is awesome for fun, so we bought tickets for one more race. This time, I recorded with the GoPro using the chest mount, but unfortunately I wasn’t satisfied with the final result. The camera was sitting too low on my chest and I wasn’t able to record anything but the go-kart wheel and the sky. However, I used some frames from this recording in the final movie.

As you can see in the YouTube video, the lens of the GoPro are so wide, and that’s what it makes it special. It’s small and so light.

The Go-Karting experience was awesome and we were so excited in the end. We’ll definitely go back to the race track very soon.

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