Lightroom CC tutorial: How To Turn Green into Yellow

Let’s say you want to have some fun in Lightroom CC with an image which you made in spring and shift the colors of the leaves and grass to an orange autumn look. Here the link to the final stock image:

Follow the steps below for an awesome result.

First things first 

Make sure you shoot in RAW format. This will give you the possibility to tweak some important details in your photo without losing quality. You can then import your photo into Adobe Lightroom and make the adjustments.

In Lightroom CC things could happen much faster than you think 

You need to enter the Develop module. Just hit D on the keyboard and you’re in. Too fast, isn’t it?

How is my exposure?

If it’s not as you wish, just grab the exposure slider and change it.
Trick: Hold down ALT on a PC or Option on a Mac while adjusting your exposure slider. Depending on how much you change the slider, you’ll see some colored pixels on the screen. You should avoid letting completely white areas to appear on the screen because that means you are overexposed.

Ready to have some fun? 

Go all the way down to the Camera Calibration tab.
We were talking about leaves and grass right? That means you need to adjust the Primary Green Hue slider. If you’ll go to the left, everything what is green will slowly turn into yellow-orange.
Do the same with the Primary Blue Hue. You’ll find the exact values which I used if you watch the tutorial.
It’s time for some tweaks in the HSL tab. Drag the Yellow slider to the left and if needed, do the same thing with the Orange color.

Optional step

This step is only for the ones who enjoy faded blacks in photos. Go to the Point Curve Editor tab, add a new point somewhere in the shadow area and raise the lower-left node up to a value of 15.
All the values which worked for me in this tutorial are experimental.

It’s time to sit back and enjoy the before and after.

Lightroom CC tutorial: How To Turn Green into Yellow - Eye StockerLightroom CC tutorial: How To Turn Green into Yellow - Eye Stocker