Photoshop Vintage Effect Tutorial – Nashville Look

The Photoshop vintage effect is very popular these days, so I thought it will be helpful if will show how you can achieve it. This is also knows as the Instagram Nashville look.
In this tutorial I’m using a stock photo from To download it, click here.

The Steps to Create the Vintage Effect

  1. Create a Curves adjustment layer
  2. Create a point in the midtones area
  3. Push the lower left point upwards until the shadows start to brighten up

Next I’m complementing the woman’s orange skin tone with blue, red and some magenta in the shadows and midtones. I’m using the same Curves layer mentioned above, but this time instead of working on the RGB channel, I’m editing every channel separately.

  1. Switch to the Blue color channel
  2. Create a point in the midtones
  3. Push the lower left point upwards and you’ll see how the blue tone appears in the shadows and midtones. Try not to exaggerate by pushing the point to high, because the photo will not look so good. Instead, make subtle changes and in the end you’ll have a great result.
  4. Now swith to the Red channel and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. The final step is to add some magenta into the image by selecting the Green channel and dragging the lower left point to the right. That’s because the opposite of green is magenta. In the video I entered a value of 7 in the input area.

The added points on the Curves line can be easily repositioned using the mouse, pen or the arrows from the keyboard.

Check out the before/after down below and thanks for watching!

If you want to obtain a simmilar effect using Lightroom, check out this tutorial.

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Photoshop Vintage Effect