How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to whiten the teeth in Adobe Photoshop. Today I’m using an image that you can download from Shutterstock. Whitening the teeth of a person is a must in some cases, especially if the photo will be available for sale on stock websites or it will be used on covers of the magazines for example.

Here are the steps you need to follow for this tutorial:

  1. Create a new layer above the original image and using the healing brush with current and below as sampling option, start repairing the dark areas of the teeth, which in my case were those brown spots. See here:
  2. Create a group layer which will include 1 Hue/Saturation and 2 Curves adjustment layers. With the group selected and while holding down ALT, add a black layer mask to the group. This way, all the included ajustment layers in the group will be restricted to the white areas of the group mask.
  3. On the Hue/Saturation layer drag the saturation slider down to -100.
  4. Make a selection around the teeth using the pen tool or other selection tool which is familiar to you. With the layer mask of the group selected, fill the selected area with white. This will let the hue/saturation adjustment layer to be visible. You’ll have a desaturated area on the teeth. See here:
  5. Refine the selection using a white brush and medium flow, by painting over the layer mask of the group.
  6. Take back some of the colour of the teeth by dragging the saturation slider of the hue/saturation layer back to -60, -70.
  7. Create a mid-point on the first Curves layer and pull it up but without blowing out the highlights.
  8. Create a mid-point on the second curves layer, pull it up, invert the layer mask of the curves layer into black with CTRL+I and then paint in with white the dark areas of the teeth. See here:

Link to the photo on Shutterstock:

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