10 Reasons to Have the Voombox Ongo Bluetooth Speaker



Recently, I bought this AMAZING gadget! The Divoom Voombox Ongo bluetooth speaker is the best portable audio device for me and I really enjoy using it. A portable bluetooth speaker is always welcomed especially when you’re outdoor.
For a better experience you should WATCH the review video from above! I’m giving you 10 reasons why you should own this amazing speaker!

It’s an awesome gadget that you might take in consideration when you go out for a shooting if you’re a photographer, a biker, or a just person who likes this kind of hi tech stuff. 


The coolest parts of the Voombox Ongo bluetooth speaker, are that you can mount it on your bicycle and that it’s weather resistant. One single charge of the speaker takes about 4 hours and the playing time is about 8 hours. Really nice!

You can find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1xHvjzM

The producer’s website is this: http://bit.ly/1BIMW7s



Some of it’s buttons are multifunctional so I will write here a short guide of how to use them:

Power button : long press for on/off

Volume down button (multifunctional): short press for a few times for volume down, long press to go back with one music track

Play button (multifunctional): short press for play/pause a track/answer to voice call, long press to disconnect from active device.

Volume up button (multifunctional): short press for a few times for volume up, long press if you want to skip to the next music track

If you want to hear a sound test of the Voombox Ongo bluetooth speaker, please click here : http://bit.ly/11EVexg



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