How to Fix the White Balance in Photoshop on JPEG photos

How to Fix the White Balance in Photoshop on JPEG photos

This is the easy fix for white balance and it works great every time, so your vacation photos from a smartphone or an older camera can be color corrected properly.

I was really upset to see that sometimes, the white balance in my photos wasn’t right at all. Especially when you shoot in JPEG for some reasons, you might end up with having weird color casts in the photos like blue, orange or even green and honestly, that’s horrible.

This is the reason why I made this tutorial. You can learn how to fix the white balance in Photoshop in a very fast way. Of course with some trial an error, you’ll do it faster and faster every time.

Useful shortcuts

I used some cool Photoshop shortcuts in this tutorial:

  • CTRL + SHIFT+ALT+N = new layer
  • SHIFT + BACKSPACE = fill layer
  • CTRL + ZERO = fit image on screen
  • holding Z and moving mouse = zooming in or out

Here are the links for the stock photos used in this tutorial :
The photo with the bed:
The photo with the woman reading a book:

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