Lightroom CC tutorial: How To Turn Green into Yellow - Eye Stockervideo

Lightroom CC tutorial: How To Turn Green into Yellow

Let's say you want to have some fun with an image which you made in spring and shift the colors of the leaves and grass to an orange autumn look.
lightroom color grading tutorial -

Lightroom Color Grading Tutorial: Film Look Explained

Lightroom color grading In this Lightroom color grading tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to obtain a cinematic look using Split Tones and Hue sliders. The...
lightroom time lapse tutorial -

Lightroom Time Lapse tutorial: How to Edit a Photo Sequence

Welcome to this Lightroom time lapse tutorial! Learn how to edit a time lapse photo sequence in Lightroom and how to export your edited...

BIGGER Vertical Photos On INSTAGRAM: Peter McKinnon’s Tip

In this short Lightroom tutorial I'm speaking about Peter McKinnon's Instagram picture ratio 5:4 tip and how to use it if you have a...

Titlu,descriere și cuvinte cheie în fotografia stock

Care e secretul pentru a vinde cât mai multe fotografii stock? Nu se poate spune că există o rețetă fixă. Unii pun preț pe un număr mare de fotografii urcate...

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