Instagram Picture Ratio Lightroom Tutorial: Peter McKinnon’s Tip

In this short Lightroom tutorial I'm speaking about Peter McKinnon's Instagram picture ratio 5:4 tip and how to use it if you have a...
how to get more youtube views and subscribersvideo

How to Grow on YouTube: Get More Views and Subscribers

Stop for a second and let me make this clear. To grow on YouTube requires work and patience. There are no shortcuts, no hacks....
photoshop color grading with solid colors and blend if

Color Grading with Solid Color: Photoshop Tutorial

Color Grading in Photoshop is my favorite task when it comes to create a specific mood on photos. If you are a Photoshop beginner,...
displacement map photoshop tutorial

Displacement Map Photoshop CC Tutorial: Conform Text

The Photoshop displacement map tutorial will teach you how to wrap text or objects around curved surfaces. The effect uses bright and dark parts...
lightroom color grading tutorial -

Lightroom Color Grading Tutorial: Film Look Explained

Lightroom color grading In this Lightroom color grading tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to obtain a cinematic look using Split Tones and Hue sliders. The...
lightroom time lapse tutorial -

Lightroom Time Lapse tutorial: How to Edit a Photo Sequence

Welcome to this Lightroom time lapse tutorial! Learn how to edit a time lapse photo sequence in Lightroom and how to export your edited...
Easy Origami Paper Plane Tutorial -

Origami Paper Plane Tutorial

This is an awesome origami paper plane tutorial for you and your kids. You will need a ruler, a pencil and of course a...
time lapse video editing in adobe premiere pro -

Time Lapse Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

 In this tutorial you'll learn two different methods for time lapse video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and also how to export...

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