Auto Tone All Photos In Lightroom

Auto Tone is one of those buttons that deserves attention in Lightroom. It can help you out by setting automatically a bunch of sliders for you. However, to be able to auto tone all photos at once in Lightroom, you have to do some...

BIGGER Vertical Photos On INSTAGRAM: Peter McKinnon’s Tip

In this short Lightroom tutorial I'm speaking about Peter McKinnon's Instagram picture ratio 5:4 tip and how to use it if you have a landscape oriented photo. By using this crop you'll be able to upload bigger vertical photos on Instagram. ▪ Subscribe for more: ▪...

How to Grow on YouTube: Get More Views and Subscribers

how to get more youtube views and subscribersvideo
Stop for a second and let me make this clear. To grow on YouTube requires work and patience. There are no shortcuts, no hacks. Let me explain further. As long as you are not an internet influencer, Justin Bieber, or you just took some footage...

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